Nail Technician



photo of Tess, Nail Technician Tess
Fantasia Styling Salon
301 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY, 40503 USA

Tess travels down memory lane; I never had long beautiful nails until Senior Prom. I decide to grow my natural nails only to discover every woman’s frustration with cracked nails, the day before your big event. I was referred to Lexington Academy of Beauty School where my life changed forever. Since 1991, I’ve been a Licensed Manicurist. I have taken: Nail Artisan, Creative Artisan Seminars, OPI and CND technical workshops for continuing education to advance my skills. I specialize in making the Acrylic Nail Enhancement look natural, also Shellac Nail Polish that wears for 14 days with no chipping or cracks. I take sanitizing to another level and it’s a must. I like to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable while you unwind to soft music, allowing you to be comfortable and relax. I love the relationship that I have built over the years with my clientele. Come be a part of our wonderful family. You can be yourself, laugh, cry, talk, and share the gospel.